Threat to maritime traffic off the coast of Yemen

The Department for Transport also raised the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) threat for British shipping to level 3, which is judged “exceptional”.This indicates that credible information suggests that a security threat is “probable or imminent.” Security experts said that the move was unprecedented since the ISPS code was introduced in 2004.

About GoAGT

GoAGT Ltd. (Gulf of Aden Group Transits Ltd.) has been in continuous operation since 2008 and has achieved a 100% success rate on over 1600 Armed Security Transits throughout the Indian Ocean. Annually GoAGT provides over 50,000 man days of protection at sea and since commencing operations has protected in excess of 38,000 seafarers. GoAGT employs over 300 personnel and deploy at any one time between 160- 180 security personnel. GoAGT recruits from the UK Royal Marines, Parachute and other Army regiments with front line experience, as well as the Irish Navy, Estonian Army and Filipino Marines.


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